While Disney does not provide direct funding to the Boy Scouts, the company will pull any donations made to troops made through their employee volunteering program because of the Boy Scouts of America's policy of banning gay troop leaders.


Virginia high school junior Jewel Moore says a plus-size Disney princess would do a world of good for girls who feel ugly for not fitting the skinny animated stereotype. So she started a petition on Change.org, and then a Fox News guest chimed in
A former fan deconstructs the transformation of Miley and suggests Disney princess culture, and its image-centric mentality, is slowly cultivating a psychologically destructive society for women to live in. There were signs even during the Hannah Montana phase that the pop star had fallen under the "Disney princess deception."
Disney gets a bad rap for its portrayal of females. It's not just the narratives--even the depictions of the female body are problematic. Male characters have absurdly larger hands compared to dainty females with huge eyes. In real life, research puts the typical ratio of wrist size at 1.15. Why so big?
Lots of little girls grow up wanting to be princesses. This photographic series just might talk them out of it. When the story ends with a wedding--or a kiss--how does happily ever after look? Well maybe not so good. This photo series by Dina Goldstein puts a feminist perspective over the tales of princesses.
The enchanting girl character Merida from the film Brave is now a Disney Princess. The company has given the animation a make-over--which has occasioned an online petition. Most noteworthy is she has been stripped of her bow--which gave her power.

A new video from AVbyte, purveyors of YouTube musicals, is a send-up of the news that Disney had purchased George Lucas' Lucasfilm for $4 billion. In the video, the DIsney princesses -- Cinderella, Belle, Ariel, Snow White, and Aurora -- welcome Princess Leia to the Disney family. As the princesses tell Leia, "A princess must be kind / A princess must be sweet / With elegance refined / You must refuse to ever eat."

Thinking about princess movies, you quickly realize that most of these heroines grow up cursed, motherless, orphaned, or generally miserable. It's no wonder they have so little spirit by the time they reach adulthood that they need a charming prince or some cheery dwarves to rescue them. But Princess Merida, the heroine of Brave, is in no need of rescue. She's just trying to do what women have been trying to do for millenia -- change her fate.

On this weekend's show, Saturday Night Live aired a parody of the popular "The Real Housewives" reality TV franchise. Instead of botoxed socialites, the skit featured the Disney princesses, who were given a heavy Real Housewives treatment: booze, marital problems, and petty fighting. There's Cinderella, the lush with a gay husband; Jasmine, who's out of money; Belle, the stuck-up party girl; and more. Watch the skit after the jump.

After the jump, watch the trailer for the latest Disney Pixar film, "Brave." The film is the first from Pixar to feature a female lead; it focuses on the adventures of Scottish archer Merida, voiced by actress Kelly Macdonald. Other voice actors in the film include Billy Connolly, Emma Thompson, and Craig Ferguson. "Brave" will hit U.S. theaters in June 2012.