Cheri Blair and Google Start Virtual Mentoring

The Mentoring Women in Business programme builds capacity, confidence and ultimately capital through virtual mentoring. The e-mentoring platform creates a strong network where successful women and men in business offer one-to-one and group professional support and practical advice to women in countries where they lack equal opportunities.

The Foundation started the e-mentoring programme with a pilot phase in July 2010 to support women with entrepreneurial potential in developing and transitional countries. The pilot was designed to demonstrate that combining e-mentoring, ICT training and peer support helps to unlock the potential of women who want to start or develop their businesses but lack local support. Current mentees have been recruited from our partners in Bangladesh, India, Israel and Palestine, (and starting in May 2011, from Kenya and Swaziland), adding value to already existing programmes.

The Mentoring Women in Business programme is rapidly expanding. The virtual mentoring technology has been tested and enhanced and the Foundation is now ready to scale up the programme to benefit 1,000 women entrepreneurs by 2014. The future of the Mentoring Women in Business programme is bright and its global expansion will allow it to reach out and empower a growing number of women to become greater contributors to their economies.

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