Fashionable Bags Help Girls Play Sports Worldwide

Can sports really provide a solution for the ills affecting girls and young women worldwide?

The founders of Activyst seem to think so.

"Improving girls’ lives has a strong ripple effect, impacting communities and, well, the world," reads the start-up's mission.

Similar to TOMS and Warby Parker, Activyst sells a custom made product--in this case, athletic bags--in order to fund girls' sports organizations worldwide. To champion their cause even further, they've launched an Indiegogo campaign to raise $25,000 for their efforts in Nicaragua by offering active bags made from the country's staple material, macen. In a few days, 286 funders superseded the goal, raising $38,885 with a whopping 21 days left.

The first $25,000 raised will go to the Soccer Without Borders organization based in Nicaragua , which is not only in great need of a field to teach over 100 participants ages 7-25, but in need of a renovation for their community center--both one of the few safe spaces allotted for girls and young women in the country. 

Having bumped up the next goal to $50,000, Activyst hopes to raise another $25,000 for girls age 14-20 in Uganda, whose social culture will require a vocational element incorporated into classes in order for many parents to allow them to continue the soccer program.

Founded by three young women with backgrounds in international development, business, and law, this ambitious start-up is taking a fresh approach to age-old social challenges.

"Many girls in the word are suffering – teen pregnancy, abuse, chronic disease, illiteracy, depression, and the list goes on," read their Indiegogo description. "But we’re excited about sports as a solution."


Image: Soccer Without Borders