"She Can Pitch" Competition Awards Thousands to Women's Businesses

Every business could use more money and expert input. The She Can Pitch competition, which is sponsored by Grow America, will provide winners with both. VITAMIN W is proud to be a media partner for the contest.

If you’ve got a business or simply a business idea, you’re welcome to enter. She Can Pitch is open to a variety of companies,from product-based companies to mobile application developers. The only requirement is that the company's founder or executive is a woman. She Can Pitch will award a total of $10,000 to three companies, comprised of cash prizes of $5,000, $3,000 and $2,000.

Along with that cash infusion, the winners will also get the chance to pitch investors and have some serious one-on-one time with a few experienced entrepreneurs: John Suh, CEO of Legalzoom; Brian Meece, CEO of Rockethub; Corey Drushal, executive director at Bad Girl Ventures; or Andrea Rudert, director of marketing and partnership development of VITAMIN W Media.

“We’re passionate about women entrepreneurs. We hope it’s a great platform for them to get exposure to mentorship and pitching. It’s those connections that propel you,” said Grow America's President Cydni Tetro

Grow America, started by investor Alan Hall (Skull Candy headphones is in his portfolio) is a for-profit company with the mission to foster entrepreneurship in America. This Utah-based group has run one national competition sponsored by Intuit for a product-based startup. (An electric skateboard company won $20,000). 

According to Tetro, they have learned that entrepreneurs also want to have mentorship and practice in pitching. Because, what’s the good of a wad of cash if you don’t spend it wisely?

Grow America is developing a crowd-lift platform for entrepreneurs that will drive engagement and product validation: people comment and vote on the businesses. No money is exchanged, just clicks. And it enlarges the community eight- to tenfold. Tetro explains the platform will also help entrepreneurs with getting to market, channel distribution and marketing.

Designed to make entrepreneurs successful, Tetro revealed that the platform takes social markets, community, product distribution and works with you to get them engaged. We’ve got a bunch of new tools, that are all in support to help entrepreneurs get their products to market, how to validate, all the way to relationships, channel distribution and marketing.

Why enter a single sex competition? It’s not easier or pinker. Women are welcome in other business competitions, but when it comes to first year funding, women receive 80% less capital than men. Apparently, female entrepreneurs also hang back in the co-ed competitions. According to the founder of GUST (formerly Angelsoft) that connects investors with entrepreneurs, women respond much more to their competitions that are women only.

She Can Pitch opens April 9th and for a few weeks after, there’s social voting on the businesses. Entrants in the competition ask their friends and circles for clicks, not dollars. Those businesses with the most points will go to the judging panel for further scrutiny.

VITAMIN W will feature the winners, so stay tuned.