A study asked women what brands they love. Surprisingly several tech companies made it to the top - as did coffee. The findings also suggest that women expect a lot more from brands these days--many expect ethical practices, fair employee practices and even board diversity.
GoDaddy’s sudden change in advertising strategy from boobs to funky bongos had many wondering, what happened? The timely confluence of economics, personal lived experience, and women’s activism – writes Gloria Feldt – is what propelled Blake Irving’s successful change of course.

Hillary Transue and Lauren Ciavarella are learning to forgive the man who hurt them both. Judge Mark Ciavarella accepted money that was linked to the private detention center where he sent children. Thousands of families were destroyed because of his rulings, including his own. Transue shares her story.

This time it's okay to be a follower. It's computer science education week. Do your kids (or maybe even you) have an hour to spare? President Obama, celebrities and a bunch of kids are doing it. It's never too late to learn.

Kudos to Kelly Martin Broderick. What began as an anti-feminist fat-shaming meme on Facebook is becoming a movement reaffirming what it means and looks like to be a feminist. Fashion tip: there's lots of different looks.

Advertisers heard the call to action from women's organizations and 15 decided to pull their ads on Facebook. Long criticized for ambivalence toward gender-based hate speech, Facebook finally issued a statement acknowledging a need for change.
"The handful of protesters that gathered in front of Facebook’s office on Madison Avenue at noon was disappointed when the company refused to accept a petition signed by 53,000 users asking the company to include women on its board of directors," SocialTimes' Devon Glenn reports. Activists from groups including UltraViolet and NOW, plus individuals like New York Congressional candidate Joyce Johnson, were addressed by a Facebook representative, though he ultimately ignored their 53,000 petition signatures.