Vanity Fair's article focuses heavily on lawsuits alleging harms from the device. What it doesn’t do is put the risk of harms from NuvaRing in the context of the patch, and other newer pills, or discuss the real magnitude of risk of any of these options.

As the FDA keeps rejecting a drug known as flibanserin, some are questioning why it's so hard to find the perfect pill for a low libido. Yet, a filmmaker who originally set out to document breakthroughs in science and sexuality came to an epiphany--there's no such thing as female sexual dysfunction. One way to fix "the problem," she says, is to focus more on sex education. Yes, even for grownups.

An emergency contraceptive manufactured in Europe will come with a new label in 2014, warning the pill may not be effective for women over a certain weight.

The FDA just lowered the age so that women 15 and over can buy Plan B. Here's what you need to know about the over-the-counter pill--what it is and what it does exactly.
The FDA released an update on silicone breast implants that confirmed their safety, sort of, but advised lifelong vigilance. Even Fake ones need mammograms and MRIS to check for leaks.