How can fashion be feminist? Clothing company founder says by not objectifying or sexualizing women’s bodies, by making women feel positive about themselves, by running a company that treats employees well, and giving back to women in the developing world.
Lots of little girls grow up wanting to be princesses. This photographic series just might talk them out of it. When the story ends with a wedding--or a kiss--how does happily ever after look? Well maybe not so good. This photo series by Dina Goldstein puts a feminist perspective over the tales of princesses.
Angelina Jolie is being hailed as a feminist hero for giving women the strength to publicly discuss their battle with the deadly disease and reduce the stigma associated with it. Here's why.
Gerda Lerner, a pioneer of women's studies, died on January 2 at the age of 92. The New York Times' obituary sheds light on Lerner's fascinating life. In the mid-60s, she "entered an academic world in which women’s history scarcely existed." She went on to establish what is considered to be the first focused on women's history in the U.S. We have a lot to thank Lerner for.
Mary Eady, feminist leader in Canada, has died at the age of 85. The Globe and Mail reports that as Women's Bureau director in Manitoba she "championed women’s rights on issues including pension reform, daycare and employment equity." She later served as deputy minister of labor in Manitoba and Women's Bureau director in Ottawa. "'Are you one of those women’s lib types?' people would ask her. 'Yes!' she would say, with a gentle smile. 'Isn’t everybody?'"