Funny or Die

Forget the epidural. A mama needs her birth balls. We assume they are similar to stress balls. But her husband forgets them and with some heavy persuasion, mans up and goes above and beyond the call of labor and delivery duty.

Spoiler Alert: Men breastfeeding won't be happening soon, but theoretical they can lactate. This 'Funny or Die' parody commercial is trying to sell a breast pump for men for $799.99 and it comes with a soothing balm for those man nipples.

Comedian Catie Lazarus says any creature who lives rent-free in New York is worth getting to know, even mice. They squat in apartment hallways, hide out in some of NYC's poshest places, but are often overshadowed by rats and roaches. Meet Brie and Ched in this episode.

Rick Santorum aborts his Presidential campaign. Ashley Judd and a few other moralizing women tell him what's what in this Funny or Die video. He will need to undergo the mandatory 72 hour waiting period. The candidate will have to look at a sonogram and listen to the heartbeat of his heartbroken campaign manager. He will have to realize that after several months, he has created a viable living, breathing constituency. Santorum is warned that there are a lot of angry people outside. Ashely Judd confesses that as a woman, who has indeed never run for office, she has no right to weigh in on his decision.