Is it an Ad or Ph.D thesis? The best commercials these days are more like sociological experiments than sales jobs.

The fledging toy company GoldieBlox spreads the message about girls and STEM through their amazing viral commercials. Their latest video offering shows us what happens to a girl's brain when exposed to princesses - or engineering. Guess which wins?

Last year, Black Girls CODE launched a web documentary to introduce the world to these brilliant young minds. In the latest episode, the cameras follow girls in South Florida as they thrive despite racism, income inequality, and attending underperforming schools.

If you are bummed that you have to wait until Sunday to see Lena Dunham on "Girls", stop your crying. The actor/director/producer of the popular HBO show will be headling on "Saturday Night Live Tonight". Catch a bit of humour in these scenes.

Catapult, the crowd-funding platform dedicated to raising money for projects aimed at helping women and girls, has created a powerful "Cover Story" campaign to bring gender justice issues to a wider audience.
The customer is always right, even when she's seven years old. Little Charlotte went to the store to buy some LEGO people and didn't like what choices she had. So she wrote a letter to the company. We thought we'd survey some of the girl figures.

Toy company Goldieblox wants to make it into the Superbowl. You can help by voting for them in Intuit's contest. Here's a reminder why you should--they make really fabulous videos. You'll love watching the engineering joy ride.

Despite the illustrious company of Hillary Clinton, Melinda Gates, Lady GaGa, and Barbara Streisand, the teenage Afghani stole the show. Not only is she a hero (and martyr), Malala is also a master of the pen.

Many were upset that Malala Yousafzai didn't win the Nobel Peace Prize. Yet, her loss and "celebrity" raises some criticism of how the West has idolized her. Either way, she is young and has potential to do even more--which outshines any prize.

There’s no Kickstarter or IndieGoGo attached to the TV pilot project,"Twenties." In an effort to get more representations of women of color on TV, creators of the new show are asking viewers to spread the word and share with 20 friends. So do it already.

The new iPad app may be just part of the equation to get more girls interested in STEM fields. Designed with girls aged 8 and up in mind, the app uses a simple interface to teach kids how to code.