Congress Needs Sex Ed. Stat!

For 40 years, the book Our Bodies Ourselves has served as a primer on just about every aspect of being a woman. 

Now Congress needs those same basic lessons. The organization OBOS wants to provide a copy for all 535 members of Congress--in both Houses. So they've launched their Educate Congress Campaign.  Remember, there are gentlemen voted into the federal government who think rape has spermicidal properties.

That infamous remark indicated there was an emergency, so this summer Our Bodies Ourselves took a road trip to hand deliver a copy to Rep Akin.  But his colleagues need a copy too, since they vote on dozens of bills and frequently address issues that affect women and their families.  They can study up on maternal health, preventive care, contraception, abortion reproductive health services--even violence against women and LGBT issues. Please support the campaign on Indiegogo and help educate a Congressperson. You could get a book signed by Gloria Steinem!


Comic by Anne Elizabeth Moore and Sara Drake of The Ladydrawers   View full comic at Truthout