This dark, satirical video was created by an Indian comedy collective in response to the victim-blaming culture of India. It presents the various remedies Indian officials came up with for rape in India, such as cell phone bans and Chowmein.

Months ago, VITAMIN W covered the new business Hello Flo, that mails you necessities for your period. Now the company has innovated AGAIN with their introductory pack for a girl's first period and a brilliant commercial to introduce the offering.

"It is my great pleasure to address you all today in my final act as Secretary of State. It has been an honor to serve our wonderful country, and I will look back on what we accomplished these past four years with pride. While at this time it may be tempting to slip into regret over our opportunities missed, challenges unmet, or tasks undone, I refuse to descend into hopelessness and despair. Because the truth is, my friends and colleagues: that shit ain’t my problem anymore!"