David DeGraw, one of the early participants of the 99% movement has explained about the birth and development of the Occupy Wall Street protest in a one year anniversary video (the first interview he has given in six months). Interviewed by Cenk Uygur for the TV program ‘The Young Turks', he touches on the emergence of the movement, the organization's pitfalls, how hard it was to unify such a diverse group people, the expectations to have him become a spokesperson of a leaderless organization, and also the triumphs of the movement.

Cheryl Strayed was revealed this past February as the author behind the wildly popular advice column Dear Sugar. As Sugar, Strayed addresses questions about love, family, addiction, grief, abuse, afflictions, fears, friends, gossip, among other topics — and in each of her answers, without fail, she meets the letter writer with a kind of startling compassion; what Steve Almond termed “radical empathy.” Dear Sugar is an advice column like no other.
The second season of "At the Paley Center" is underway, this time focused on women making media. The Paley Center describes the "She's Making Media" series as "a new series of programs that puts a slightly different lens on the subject of women's role in media. At the Paley Center will celebrate women who are making media—media with a purpose. Hosted by Pat Mitchell, president and CEO of The Paley Center for Media, each half-hour episode of the new six-part series concentrates on a woman who has used media in new and innovative ways."
October 10th, 1911 marked the outbreak of the Chinese revolution. It also was the birthdate of a remarkable British woman, Clare Hollingworth, who would become one of the most prominent correspondents in the latter part of her life in Beijing and Hong Kong. During WWII, she covered African and Middle East campaigns--and even entered Nazi Germany to see tanks rolling toward Poland