New York-based photographer and artist Ashley Kolodner has been doing a series called GayFace featuring people with their eyes wide open--and then shut. The project aims to communicate the diversity of the
LGBTQ community.

Earlier this week, rapper/singer MIA asked Madonna if she could borrow $16 million. Why? The NFL is suing her for her 2012 Super bowl middle finger performance. This is not the first time the NFL has overreacted, yet let other offenses slide.

As Bob Dylan originally sang in 1964, “The times they are a-changin’” and indeed, they still are. From same-sex marriage to interracial relationships to raising kids out of wedlock, Americans are becoming less conservative about what happens behind closed doors. But beating women gets an overwhelming "Not Okay!"

While Disney does not provide direct funding to the Boy Scouts, the company will pull any donations made to troops made through their employee volunteering program because of the Boy Scouts of America's policy of banning gay troop leaders.

Women have played a huge role in the success of movements around the world. From the Arab Spring to the most recent Ukrainian revolution, women are front and center. Here's a roundup of some modern movements. Are there any others you would include?

During day 5 of NBC’s Olympic coverage of the 2014 Sochi Winter Games, the network spent over 4 minutes of airtime on Russia’s anti-LGBT “propaganda” law. We rounded up a list of some of our favorite protests of Olympic attendees in support for the Russian LGBTQ community.

As if you needed more reasons to love her, Laverne Cox is producing a documentary about CeCe McDonald. This star of "Orange is the New Black" has taken on this story of injustice to a trans woman of color; McDonald is in prison after defending herself in an attack.

From white women being worn as scarves to discovering how big your clitoris really is, it was certainly an action-packed year. Here are our top stories from 2013 based on your readership and interaction. Thanks for making it a great year!

This new year we take a look back at some of the most historically straight identifying institutions and the progress they have made toward LGBTQ acceptance. Who knew the boy scouts would be giving pizza to same-sex couples awaiting marriage licenses?

Design students at Virginia Commonwealth University created coffee sleeves that feature the faces of a queer-identified person. The sleeves also include an alternate version of the check boxes usually found on commercial coffee cups, but rather than types of coffee they list “Straight,” “Gay,” “Lesbian,” “Bisexual," “Trans,” and “Human” as the options.

"Gay for a Day" campaign encourages people, in solidarity with LGBTQ people in India, to change their social media photo to them kissing a friend of the same sex. The Facebook page also claims the action is protesting any law that criminalizes homosexuality.

Ever wish you had that supportive parent that would tell you how wonderful you are no matter what. Robin Rice and other moms( and dads) are spreading warm wishes this holiday season to LGBTQ children and adults. You don't have to have the holiday blues.