mad men

On top of the stolen identities, client meltdowns and reflexive infidelity, one of the most delicious plot lines in the series "Mad Men" is the rise of Peggy Olsen from coffee-fetcher to chief copywriter. This brilliant super cut shows the growth of Peggy in a few minutes.

A hilarious Tumblr blog mashes up the picturesque scenes from "Mad Men" with the unforgettable quotations from "Mean Girls." By the time the new season rolls around this Sunday, we're sure you'll see the series in a whole new light.

Video remixer Elisa Kreisinger (aka Pop Culture Pirate) has teamed up with Mad Men mega-fan and mashup master Marc Faletti for her latest project, a feminist remix of Mad Men, set to the Supremes' iconic "Keep Me Hangin' On." Released in time for this past weekend's long-awaited season 5 premiere of Mad Men, the clever remix features clips of the show's female characters standing up for themselves in various situations. Watch the whole, impressive thing after the jump.

A new YouTube video notes that "women control 80% of consumer spending, yet don't feel advertisers understand them. Could it be because only 3% of advertising creative directors are women?" The parody of Mad Men features two "mad women" trying to market a vibrating jock strap. Watch it after the jump.