Egypt: Exploring Twitter’s Potential on the Ground

by Lillian Wagdy

If there is one area in which the Egyptian Revolution was an “eye-opener” in terms of social media, it would be how it introduced thousands of Egyptians to the popular micro-blogging website Twitter.

Our TV screens are looking more equal these days with high-profile women anchoring more shows, but as a new report from the Women's Media Center shows, we've still got a long way to go. Men dominate all media - to the tune of 63%.

Hollywood is getting another bad grade. Despite the fact that movies with more than one women in them have done very well at the box office this year, the industry is still not doling out a lot of parts to actresses. A new study has done the count - and we've done a graphic.

Actress and filmmaker Hye Yun Park is creating her own starring role, and she doesn't have to fit in any casting director's box. With her new web series "Hey Yun," Park is exploring the world of a 30-something Avant-garde videographer living in Brooklyn.

The year in media had some real highs---women winning a record number of Emmys, power news duo Gwen Ifill and Judy Woodruff on PBS Newshour. And some real lows, many from pundits, politicians and Fox news. The Representation project has made a powerful recap of the good and bad of the year. It's a must see.

According to a new analysis conducted by the Guttmacher Institute, the number of early adolescents engaging in sex is nowhere near as alarming as is made out to be--however, younger teens are being coerced into sex.
A recent report looks to the media, specifically scripted television, as a possible catalyst for the alarming gender gap facing female professionals in STEM fields

The dreadful death of Jacintha Saldanha after she transferred a prank call from 2Day FM to a fellow nurse is a harrowing example of the hurt that can be caused when ordinary people get caught up in media culture. A dedicated nurse is dead. The Duchess of Cambridge is burdened with this, adding to the discomfort of having to announce a pregnancy too soon. Radio hosts Mel Greig and Michael Christian face uncertain futures, personally and professionally.

A new study has found that positive female rolemodels are key to countering a "sexually violent media." Written by Christopher J. Ferguson and published in the Journal of Communication, the study, Positive Female Role-Models Eliminate Negative Effects of Sexually Violent Media, "randomly assigning young adults to watch either neutral media or sexually violent media with either subordinate or strong female characters."

A new infographic from the Women's Media Center looks at the gender byline breakdown in presidential election coverage. According to a blog post on the WMC site, "On Monday the Women’s Media Center released the shocking statistic, calculated by The 4th Estate Project, that from the presidential primary period (January 1 to April 15) to the general election (April 15 to August 25), 72 to 76 percent of newspaper stories covering the 2012 presidential election were written by men." Check out the whole thing below.

A new infographic from 4th Estate looks at the representation of women experts in journalism leading up to the 2012 elections. The conclusion? Not good. Even in articles about "women's issues," women were quoted far fewer times than men. In articles about abortion, men were quoted 81 percent of the time. Birth control, 75 percent. Planned parenthood, 67 percent. Only stories about "women's rights" got something close to gender parity. See the full infographic, containing many more sobering statistics, after the jump.