miss representation

The year in media had some real highs---women winning a record number of Emmys, power news duo Gwen Ifill and Judy Woodruff on PBS Newshour. And some real lows, many from pundits, politicians and Fox news. The Representation project has made a powerful recap of the good and bad of the year. It's a must see.

The"Feminism is for Everyone" Creative Competition engendered some powerful and thought-provoking submissions. We're pleased to display the 10 semifinalists here. And we're collecting public feedback while the judges deliberate on the final winner. So have your say.

A new video from Miss Representation looks at how far we have to go in the fight to make advertising less objectifying of women. "With all the progress we made in 2012, you might think advertisers would have stopped objectifying women and girls right?" the video starts. "Think again." The video then shows a "supercut" of some of the worst offenders of the year, among them Carl's Jr., Axe, and Go Daddy.