Europe Is Happy to Vote

By Amy-Willard Cross

What morose person does not love "Happy"?  The song itself might actually be a good formula for getting people to vote: Take Pharrell William's song + get a cast of fabulous dancers shot in various European cities + a Superhero, and it might = great voter turnout. 

That's the thinking behind a campaign urging Europeans - especially young ones - to cast their ballots in May. Called Happy Voting, it might make people so happy that they will want to participate. It's sort of the continent's version of "Rock the Vote" (Note: the music is not European).

No real actors are featured, just fifty regular people from fifty different ethnic and religious groups who dance whatever moves Pharrell inspires them to. The video shows just how democratic happy voting is - including everybody from a drag queen to construction workers, to members of the European Parliament.  

So go ahead and watch, it's another reason to listen to "Happy" and try some moves yourself. You'll look so European.