A Test Run: Marines Experiment with Women's Combat Unit


Since the repeal of the women in combat ban last year, the military is now faced with the task of incorporating women in combat positions by 2016.

The Marines, the most male-oriented branch of the U.S. military, has announced their initiative plan.

Much of the criticism surrounding women in combat is the physical strength women possess in comparison to men.

However, part of the Marines' plan is to establish an experimental force mirroring what actually happens in real-world combat, of at least 25 percent women, to determine how women actually perform and go from there in the incorporation process.

Jobs including infantry, “which require above average physical strength and stamina,” USA Today reported, will be examined. 

In May, Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel said in a statement, “I remain confident that we will retain the trust and confidence of the American people by opening positions to women, while ensuring that all members entering these newly opened positions can meet the standards required to maintain our warfighting capability.”

We think so too.

Photo: United States Marine Corps/Flickr/Creative Commons