Texas is making good on its promise to make it more difficult for women to get abortions. Officials shut down a Houston abortion clinic and suspended its doctor's license under a new state law.

Sen. Kristen Gillibrand will debate Military Justice Improvement Act as early as Tuesday, and Sen. Claire McCaskill plans filibuster. The latest report of rampant sex crimes on U.S. military base in Japan highlights the urgency for a decision to be made on how to better approach cases.

The Sunday morning talk shows set the agenda in many ways. For years, media critics have pointed out that the guests discussing and debating tend to be men - even when the issues at hand might concern women more than guys. The latest numbers show little improvement except in Nerdland.
The lawyer and activist is not vying for a congressional bid just yet, but says she will be able to accomplish more in the California Legislature than in Congress. Her national profile has certainly been on the rise since 2012.
The number of abortions performed in the United States has dropped to the lowest level in 40 years, a Guttmacher study finds. The reason? Researchers point to more contraception use rather than increased restrictions to abortion access.
According to an online study conducted by Yale University some women don't know basic facts about sex, pregnancy and their own reproductive health. The researchers surveyed 1,000 women. Note: There are about 150 million females in the U.S.
Texas State Senator and Gubernatorial candidate Wendy Davis had her life story attacked last week. People debated her mothering, her law school tuition, her child support payments. Now her daughters Amber,31, and Dru,25, weigh in with moving open letters. A must read!
Last week, the Dallas Morning News published an attention-getting article questioning facts about State Senator Wendy Davis's life story. It generated loads more articles, for and against. And many reacted to the story based on their place in the political spectrum.
The war on women continues--at least rhetorically. Mike Huckabee, the one-time and soon-to-be presidential candidate asserted that Republicans are fighting for women to go beyond biology.