Last year was a historic year for women voters and candidate, and Nov. 5th's election results show the trend is continuing on state and local levels. As we look to next year's midterm elections, 43 percent of Americans say it would be a good thing if more women were in Congress.

Before a reaching the White House for a second time, Hillary Rodham Clinton may be coming to a theater near you. A biopic is in the works, simply entitled “Rodham” that will chronicle the former Secretary of State’s life as a young lawyer in her 20’s trying to have it all. Pre-Clinton.

If you got married in Florida, try not to get divorced there. The State is about to enact laws that will be bad news for lots of women---a petition is going around to ask the Governor for a Veto. Otherwise, custody will automatically go 50-50 and alimony will shrink.

Political Parity Project’s Twin States study shows demographics, and political factors dictate whether voters elect females as governor or senators and growth of political participation.