Women Candidates Breaking Records

According to The 2012 Project's Mary Hughes, women stand a chance of reaching 20% in the House of Representatives--vs. 17% currently.  Part of the Center of American Women and Politics at Rutgers University, The 2012 Project is a non-partisan campaign seeking to increase female electoral participation of any party.  Why does having more women legislators matter?  Founder Hughes notes, “Research shows that women leaders introduce more bills, bring more resources home to their districts and advocate for new issues on the legislative agenda.” 

This election year is especially significant as every congressional and state legislative district was redrawn and new open seats were created.  These new seats means that women and other newcomers will have better chance of winning those seats.  The fact that 2012 is a presidential election year will also bring more women to  the polls, increasing women candidates' chance of success.  To get more details on the outcomes of primaries go to  2012 Women’s Election Tracker and The2012project.us.


photo: Elmer Bront cc by 3.0