When will people learn? Rape jokes and pictures from an African-themed party posted on Twitter, Instagram, etc., will get you an automatic trip to face an online firing squad. The editor who called a scientist an "urban whore" has resigned, but he's not the first offender and won't be the last.

In New Zealand, more women accept the belief that they are the "fairer sex," and they deserve to be taken care of by men. But researchers say, hostile forms of sexism are less tolerated. We wonder what the results would be in the U.S.

The Ethical Adman’s Tom Meggison sent along a new ad campaign by Molson. The campaign coins the word “guyet,” a supposedly masculine alternative to “diet.” If dieting is working out in order to be thin, then guyeting is “working out to justify eating the foods you love… Bacon, nachos, and burgers.” Importantly, this isn’t just about maintaining a strong distinction between men and women, it’s about maintaining gender inequality.

"[A] new study in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences offers evidence of bias among scientists -- male and female scientists alike -- against female students," Inside Higher Ed's Scott Jaschik reports. "The scientists evaluating these applications (which were identical in every way except the gender of the 'submitter') rated the male student more competent, more likely to be hired, deserving of a better salary, and worth spending more time mentoring. The gaps were significant."