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In yet another PSA, Milwaukee “Sex Myths” is helping to start a dialogue with that know-it-all teenager and clueless parent. The campaign tackles mythologic birth control methods such as hot tubs or Mountain Dew But is it working?

Ever wish you had that supportive parent that would tell you how wonderful you are no matter what. Robin Rice and other moms( and dads) are spreading warm wishes this holiday season to LGBTQ children and adults. You don't have to have the holiday blues.

When will people learn? Rape jokes and pictures from an African-themed party posted on Twitter, Instagram, etc., will get you an automatic trip to face an online firing squad. The editor who called a scientist an "urban whore" has resigned, but he's not the first offender and won't be the last.

Games are the second most used online application after social media and can be an entry into tech. Girl Scouts kicked off a new self-guided program, called “Be The Video Game Developer.” Girls can create media instead of passively consuming it.
"According to DDB Worldwide Communications Group's Life Style Study, 27 percent of men are a different person when they're online, versus 18 percent of women," reports Adweek's Lucia Moses. "Guys are also more likely than women to have online friendships with people they've never met and to prefer anonymity online." Check out Adweek's visualization of this data (and more).
Earlier this week, a photo from of Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, accompanied by a scathing comeback she made to a reporter who asked her who her favorite designer was, went viral on Facebook. Peeople who shared the photo also shared their approval of Clinton’s calling the reporter out for a potentially sexist comment. While the photo attracted a lot of media attention, to some, the Clinton picture is just another iteration of a widespread phenomenon: it’s a perfect example of #everydaysexism.
The hugely popular website Pinterest has crossed the 10 million user threshold, with the vast majority of those users (97 percent) being women. "Even though it was co-founded by three men, the site’s not shy about courting women. It’s About page describes that 'People use pinboards to plan their weddings, decorate their homes, and organize their favorite recipes,'" TechCrunch reports. "Sure, dudes can do all those things too, but they’re probably not addicted to pinning tuxedos and power tools like women pin brides dresses and bundt cakes."
Pakistani actress Veena Malik is the queen of controversy. Her fans and foes both in India and Pakistan have not forgotten her appearance on the reality show Big Boss and her bold and brave TV discussion with a right wing Pakistani anchor and an Islamic scholar. This time Veena stirred up controversy when FHM India, a male lifestyle magazine, published her nude picture on its cover page. The December issue of FHM India title says, “Pakistani W.M.D Veena Malik on Asif, Burqas and Work Visas”. There is an arrow pointing towards the ISI tattoo on her arm “Hand in end of the world too”. ISI is Pakistan’s infamous secret service.