The ladies behind EmotiStyle show young women that there's more to dressing up for Halloween than being near-naked. "You can just be a nurse, you don't have to be a sexy nurse. You can just be a nun, you don't have to be a skanky nun," the song goes. It goes on to list all kinds of things you can be for Halloween besides naked: Bill Cosby, Louis CK, toast, the Color Purple. The not-naked options are endless!

Women's Equality Day is August 26. Did you know early suffragists used these DIY archives in their fight for the vote--to help them strategize. A historian shares the private scrapbooks of suffrage heroes.
There are few businesses where it would be okay to say, "We used a black girl last year" or "We already have one black woman, we don't need you anymore". It happens in the fashion biz where runways are mostly white.

There are still a lot of Boys Clubs in America.

The Dove Sketches project which has been seen over 13 million times in its first week, wants women to feel that they're beautiful--and decries the stat that only 4% do. Being or feeling beautiful is not something we should care about.

A school in W.Va. tries to punish a student for speaking out about her school’s “slut-shaming” approach to sex education. The principal threatened to try and get her Wellesley admission revoked; instead, Wellesley women started a petition to welcome the activist.

Dove strikes again. This time the Unilver brand has done a social experiment as a commercial. A forensic artist draws a woman as she describes herself, and then as a stranger describes her. Guess which one looks prettier?

Anyone who been to the movies has seen a sex scene-- a steamy, heavy-breathing, under the covers frolic. 

This list of the top women of TED have produced must-see videos on topics such as brain science, orgasms, cheating, storytelling, body language and more and were chosen based on everything from current view counts to notable talking points.