"There are a growing number of efforts to help women and minorities become entrepreneurs and get funding for their start-ups in Silicon Valley and elsewhere," reports the Wall Street Journal's Deborah Gage, citing San Francisco-based NewME and New York's DigitalunDivide. "All of the efforts come amid a relative dearth of African-American and Latino entrepreneurs and investors, though Asian entrepreneurs are relatively common in Silicon Valley."
Controversial blogger and entrepreneur Penelope Trunk writes, "There’s a lack of women in the startup economy, but it’s not a problem." She goes on: "[I]f diversity was really a problem in the startup world, VCs would be solving it. Because VCs like making money, and VCs are great at seeing an opening market and jumping on it. Second, women are not victims. Women are not powerless. If women wanted to do tech startups, they’d be doing them. Women don’t want to do them because it is a lifestyle that is renowned for being unglamorous, living hell and completely incompatible with kids."