Boston University has opened a residential hall for women in STEM. It's an outgrowth of another STEM program a nd is getting results. The school has seen a significant rise in the number of women in the fields
It takes months of preparing, testing, applications to get into college. Now acceptances have gone out, how can you choose which college is the best for you? It turns out women might want to ask some different questions.

The fledging toy company GoldieBlox spreads the message about girls and STEM through their amazing viral commercials. Their latest video offering shows us what happens to a girl's brain when exposed to princesses - or engineering. Guess which wins?

This fall, an estimated 12 million women will enroll in college. The number of women students surpassed men in 1980, and the gap has been widening ever since. Since 2011, more working women have held college degrees than working men. Of the 80 highest ranked schools in the country, here is a roundup of some of the best colleges for women.

Apparently fixing gender disparity in STEM fields starts with understanding the brain of the female homo sapien. What do you get when you put a Fox News Host, a Fox News contributor and a Tea Party News Network representative in a cable studio? Guess.

Games are the second most used online application after social media and can be an entry into tech. Girl Scouts kicked off a new self-guided program, called “Be The Video Game Developer.” Girls can create media instead of passively consuming it.

Rap battles in have come a long way since the days of crews vying for street cred on who's the best M.C. Teens are rapping about science and one educator hopes program will be a catalyst to increasing interest in science for underrepresented groups.

The new iPad app may be just part of the equation to get more girls interested in STEM fields. Designed with girls aged 8 and up in mind, the app uses a simple interface to teach kids how to code.

Tired of your cell phone dying at inopportune moments? Well, thanks to 18-year-old Eesha Khare that annoying problem may be a thing of the past and her win proves girls are equipped to work in science, technology, engineering and math fields.

A recent report looks to the media, specifically scripted television, as a possible catalyst for the alarming gender gap facing female professionals in STEM fields
Having good language skills means that women may be less likely to pursue jobs in science and technology because verbal skills may give them more career options according to new research shows.