We found some of the most prominent stereotypes of men in film and TV. Some of these are so common, it is hard to think of a male character that isn’t one (or a combination of a few).

Advertising messages are full of stereotypes - for both women and men. Many commercials and ads create a very negative picture of masculinity. Men are taught not to express their emotions, to be dishonest, and to remain isolated from others.

Negative portrayals of Detroit and Arabs are all too common. So why not change the narrative and do a romantic comedy about Arab Americans in Detroit? Lebanese filmmaker Rola Nashef originally produced "Detroit Unleaded" as a short, and now it's a feature length film.

Artist Saba Barnard is creating diverse narratives about identity, race and gender. With her projects Technicolor Muslimah and An-Noor she's helping to define what it means to be an American Muslim woman.

Nobody likes to be put into a stereotype. Women have long suffered the cliches of modern advertising, but a therapist concerned about men's emotional health feels that stereotypes of masculinity are hurting men--and society.

Do gendered stereotypes of geeks really discourage young women from going into computer science? One team of researchers says maybe--but the conversation can't stop there. Look at this slideshow of real Geek Girl role models.

“South Park with an Asian attitude” is just one way to describe the cultural phenomenon that is ‘Angry Little Girls,’ a web comic that deals with stereotypes and injustices faced by minority girls every day.