Want to see what you might look like as a man? You can get a rough idea using this crazy Facebook app made to underline pay inequality. It's part of a campaign from Sweden--even that seemingly perfect country isn't quite equal.

Missing a uterus and want to have a baby? There may be hope after nine women in Sweden successfully received transplanted wombs donated from relatives, yet there are ethical concerns because the procedure is risky for the donor.

It's not a bad hair day, but a hate crime day. In Sweden, after a pregnant woman was attacked in Stockholm, lots of Swedes have put on hijabs in solidarity. What's more politicians have joined in as did a high-profile TV journalist.

On April 15, Swedish Culture Minister, Lena Adelsohn Liljeroth, attended a exhibition preview at Museum of Modern Art of Stockholm to celebrate ‘World Art Day'. The highlight of the show seems to have been the tasting of the ‘Painful Cake' representing the body of an African woman. According to ‘The Local‘, an online news portal, a video of the cake being cut and eaten caused outrage among Swedish citizens, including that of Kitimbwa Sabuni, spokesperson for the National Afro-Swedish Association who pleaded for the resignation of the Minister.