Tissue Please, A Mother-Daughter Internet Love Story To Make You Cry

This teenager did what needed to be done.  Her family was in dire straits and she found a brilliant way to solve the problem.  It involved Etsy, Tumblr and a bit of Facebook.

Danielle Walters knew her mom was in financial trouble and she turned to Tumblr for help.  The Connecticut high school student put a message on Tumblr explaining how her mother lost her job and her stepfather had left.  She asked people to spread the world about Suffield Sundries--by any social media means necessary. 

And the good people of the village of Tumblr complied.  Her heartfelt message was reblogged nearly 35,000 times.  Just about all the stock is sold out--unless you want the $3 dollar candle sampler. Suffield Sundries sells its wares on Etsy--a line of nicely smelling stuff like almond rum cake or apple caramel soaps. Not something that you need, but many people could afford to spring for it. 

It's enough to make you want to send a love letter to the Internet--and to this daughter.

Beyond the heroism of saving the family home, Danielle Walters wrote about her mother Noelle so compassionately. 

This is what she wanted to do when she was younger, and even today, Make candles, soaps, etc.  She loves this.  She hated her old job as a banker and she hated retail.  I want her to be happy.

Noelle Walters told the The Daily Dot, "Social media is 100 percent responsible for the success that I am seeing right now with my business." And people--non pixilated people.  And she thanked them all---on her Facebook page. 

Image: Sheffield Sundries Screenshot: Tumblr