Website's Bad Solution to Increasing Women's Visibility in Tech


Nothing says tech like a picture of a white thong pulled down over a woman's legs. Oh, and she's wearing orange pumps.

The geniuses over at the new website Hot Tech Today want to bring a new, sexy twist to tech news.

Really? Any stereotypes about geeky tech geeks hiding behind computer screens and watching web porn and XXX anime have been disproved.

And this is no gimmick the creators claim - well, maybe just a little. But here's the kicker, CEO David Kelley told the Daily Dot:

"Let's start off by saying Hot Tech Today is female-owned. Erica Williams is a co-founder in this and the girls were actually her idea. This isn't sexist at all; many magazines out there put sexy women on the cover without much criticism, including magazines centered toward woman (Shape magazine for example)."

It's a "tech blog meets Maxim magazine." Nothing says innovation and news on the latest trends like women in bikinis.

In February, the creators posted an update on Facebook about how they reached a significant milestone:

First cover girl confirmed and WOW! She's something else....We also scooped up a little sexy London lass last night for our editorial reading; who wouldn't want a sexy Brit reading your tech to you? Still so much to do before the end of the month, but it will be worth it! Stay tuned!

Now that April is almost here, they've released a promo video that looks more like a spoof, but it's real!

You may ask why we've publicized this website. Simple, why not poke fun at obvious misogyny and cluelessness?