Should You Buy an App to Assess Your BF?

How can you know when it’s time to end a romance? Well an algorithm can’t tell you. Your girlfriends can, but then you'll be mad at them.  Luckily, a new app--persuasively titled Should I break up with my boyfriend?--helps you figure it out by tracking your own feelings—not serving up a one-size-fits-all quiz or an unreliable ouija board.

For a two week period, users get a daily reminder asking them to assess how they’re feeling about their relationship. However, users can also log in any time they want to record just how they're feeling--happy, neutral, unhappy.

You can also make diary entries to detail those feelings. And of course, you can share with friends by email or SMS—since your friends need to know everything.  But this time the vote of stay or go doesn’t belong to your pals. After 14 days of sentiment tracking, the app analyzes the emotional data, and spits out a graph that helps you see objectively what’s going on. If you logged diary entries, you also get a record of them.  SIBU can also generate customized advice.  Gray, a web and iphone developer who started out in the theatre, thinks that hiding the data for two weeks, keeps you in the moment.  So you can’t fool yourself after a great date thinking that previous days of bad boyfriend behavior don’t count. When testing on own boyfriend assessments, Gray’s graph showed her mood was good only 39% of the time—the rest being neutral, icky or bad.  Hence the heave.

You can buy SIBU for just 99 cents at the app store.  Please note the warning that Advice does not replace discussions with a licensed therapist, a best friend, a favorite pet, or a pound of chocolate.