Classic Gaming in Jane Austen-Inspired "Stride & Prejudice"

Jane Austen's character Lizzy Bennet is in survival mode and running in high heels and an empire-waisted dress.
Developed by Carla Fisher's No Crusts Interactive, "Stride & Prejudice" is the first endless runner game to include an entire novel. Of course it's a spin on Jane Austen's "Pride & Prejudice."
The classic novel's text gets a bit of 21st-century makeover and serves as the platforms for a pixel-art Bennet to scamper along. 
Creator Carla Fisher says players have the option of a survival mode and a reader mode for picking up where you die so you can read the entire book. And who says games don't encourage more reading? The scrolling speed is adjustable so players can tune the game to their reading preference. 
Fisher and her team prototyped the idea in the spring of this year and by June production began.  
Fisher is no stranger to the world of interactive games and learning.
She tells VITAMIN W, "I work almost exclusively on educational games for kids and I also frequently lecture on design guidelines. It's easy for educational games to become mired down in 'old-school' ideas, like matching or quiz formats. So I like to challenge developers to think about how game mechanics used in casual and core games can be reappropriated for the kids space. When I decided to make another indie game, it was only natural that I'd give myself the same challenge."
As far as the age range, she says anyone who's comfortable reading will enjoy the game. Maybe you and your teenager can bond over an interactive classic? 
Sorry Android users, the game is currently released only on iTunes for the iPhone and iPad.