A Bra Meant for Your Truly Love Only? Back off Losers

By Dalila-Johari Paul

Leave it up to a person who doesn't have breasts, a vagina or fallopian tubes to design a smart bra meant to only unhook for your true love. Gee, thanks!? Because as the commercial says, "women will always seek true love."
We guess the not-so-smart comfortable bras (with no underwire) leave us prey to consenting casual sex, a friend with benefits or that first boyfriend in college?
The True Love Tester Bra (which does not look comfortable at all) is manufactured by Japanese lingerie company Ravijour.  We also checked the website, which is mostly in Japanese. Based on the images, we couldn't find the smart bra. Hopefully this is all a joke to mark the company's 10th anniversary.
But back to the sales pitch. The company also claims they collaborated with  “human sexuality specialists” in Japan to create a “revolutionary new bra that knows how women truly feel.”
The high-tech bra that some are accurately labeling a "chastity" bra is being marketed as a way to "save women" from unwanted sexual advances. 
Again, thanks?! But how about a jock strap that squeezes a man's tender parts every time he makes an unwanted sexual advance. Now, that would be a monumental creation!
In the promo for the bra, the makers claim the bra can sense when a woman's emotional state becomes genuinely amorous, and then -- and only then -- will the clasp of the bra automatically unlock. Who needs Cinderella stories when we now have stupid commercials to show our little girls
By now you're probably wondering how will this contraption know if he (or she) is the one? The bra contains a hidden sensor that is synced up via Bluetooth to an app on the owner's phone.
The app analyzes heart rate, and when the wearer's heart rate hits a specified point, the bra unhooks on its own. Hot damn, it's true love! Now where's the smart condom that can foresee a woman's regret the day after. Maybe it can buzz and send a shock just before that dude inserts in said place. Oh, the wonders of technology.