Woman-Owned Video Game Studio Raising Funds for "Community Supported Gaming"

Jane Jensen's Pinkerton Road video game studio, which she runs with her husband, Robert Holmes, has launched a concept called "Community Supported Gaming."

Taking a cue from Community Supported Agriculture (CSAs), Jensen's CSG offers the gaming community a chance to directly support the work or a game creator. From the projetc's Kickstarter page:

Sign up as a Pinkerton Road CSG member, and you'll get all of the awesome games we produce for one year. The CSG model will help our studio survive financially so that we can make the kinds of games that YOU and WE want to play.

This first CSG season will run from the present through end of June 2013. How many games will we do in that period? That depends on what we raise during funding.  [NOTE:  The games below are guaranteed to you as a CSG member of this kickstarter drive, even if they ship late.]

If we meet our Kickstarter goal the season will include:
* An all new original adventure game by Jane in the vein of Gabriel Knight and Gray Matter (no pun intended) on PC download, due approximately Mar 2013.

*  Lola and Lucy’s Big Adventure (a kid’s e-book/game written by Jane that we’ve funded ourselves to help raise money for the studio. It’s nearly finished and will be released Summer 2012.) 

If we raise $600K or more the season will ALSO include:
*  A second Jane Jensen adventure game on PC download, due approximately June 2013. We have a white board full of concepts that have been crawling around in Jane’s brain for years. Or it might be another of the 3 concepts below -- if it gets enough of your votes.

In the video below, Jensen answers Kickstarter FAQs: