Leave it up to a person who doesn't have breasts, a vagina or fallopian tubes to design a smart bra meant to only unhook for your true love. Japanese lingerie company Ravijour is marking its 10th year with The True Love Tester Bra because "women will always seek true love."

The real ladies of The Vodka Press agreed to test drive the groundbreaking erotic entertainment empire, Make Love Not Porn. The website is based on the idea that it's fun to watch regular humans make sweet personal love--rather than plasticized porn stars.

This time it's okay to be a follower. It's computer science education week. Do your kids (or maybe even you) have an hour to spare? President Obama, celebrities and a bunch of kids are doing it. It's never too late to learn.

A team of researchers at Microsoft developed a smart bra that comes embedded with sensors, similar to that of an EKG, that monitors a woman’s heart rate to track her mood throughout the day. But will it really help emotional eating?
Jenna Arnold and Greg Segal, co-founded with the goal to revolutionize the unwieldy organ donation process and bring efficiencies to the entire process. That means getting more healthy organs into more sick bodies—without 52 different state authorities, faxes and phone calls.

Twitter naming Marjorie Scardino as the first female board member shouldn't be big news in 2013. But then again it is because of the well-earned social media beat down Twitter CEO Dick Costolo endured. Now, let's hope the boys at Twitter will take women being on the board seriously.

Apparently fixing gender disparity in STEM fields starts with understanding the brain of the female homo sapien. What do you get when you put a Fox News Host, a Fox News contributor and a Tea Party News Network representative in a cable studio? Guess.

SheSays, a global creative network for women has a new project, which is collecting brainwaves for things or services made from a women’s perspective. The best will be showcased at TEDxBrooklyn in early December. What happens when women invent and collaborate?

Perverts beware. Terre des Hommes is raising the alarm about a largely unknown, but quickly spreading new form of child exploitation that has got tens of thousands victims involved in the Philippines alone: webcam child sex tourism.

If you want more girls to go into tech—try paying them $1,000 before they start. That’s what The National Center for Women & Information Technology (NCWIT) is doing, but they're also building a community of support for these future trailblazers.
Of course Grace Young said yes when ocean explorer Fabien Cousteau recruited the mechanical and ocean engineering major to join his team on a 31-day underwater mission. Her assignment? Taking charge of marine robots.