Now anybody and everybody can be a sex researcher--and help contribute to knowledge about human sexuality. The Kinsey Institute has created a free app that encourages you to report sexual behaviour--and feelings.

A pioneering British scientist instrumental in the discovery of DNA isn't forgotten. She died young and would have turned 93 July 25. For you science buffs who know who she was, kudos to you. For the rest of us, get to reading!
A new PSA shows reality of how abusers are increasingly using mobile devices to monitor and stalk their partners. The phone app in the commercial may not be real, but creators of the PSA say people need to be shocked into remembering how bad the problem still is.

Rap battles in have come a long way since the days of crews vying for street cred on who's the best M.C. Teens are rapping about science and one educator hopes program will be a catalyst to increasing interest in science for underrepresented groups.

Do gendered stereotypes of geeks really discourage young women from going into computer science? One team of researchers says maybe--but the conversation can't stop there. Look at this slideshow of real Geek Girl role models.

The new iPad app may be just part of the equation to get more girls interested in STEM fields. Designed with girls aged 8 and up in mind, the app uses a simple interface to teach kids how to code.

Whether you are cosmonaut, an astronaut or not, there's a reason to celebrate. This week marks the 50th anniversary of the first woman in space and the 30th year since Sally Ride became the first American woman to make a space expedition.

The big news on the Internet is that Hillary Clinton has finally joined twitter. She made her appearance with her characteristic humor, describing herself as a mom and wife first, followed by FLOTUS.

Tired of your cell phone dying at inopportune moments? Well, thanks to 18-year-old Eesha Khare that annoying problem may be a thing of the past and her win proves girls are equipped to work in science, technology, engineering and math fields.