Brenda Bailey Gershkovitch and partner Kirsten Forbes are the two women behind Silicon Sisters, a gaming company by and for women. Their first offering challenges kids through the social maze of high school. It's called school 26, as that's how many times the main character has changed locales. Players have to figure out how to navigate lots of tricky situations.
Ada Lovelace day is a moment to recognize women in in tech, science, math and engineering. Global Voices on Line compiles a list of women from around the world coding, making software, online platforms or data visualization to forward the causes of transparency, human rights, political change open data, etc.
Forget smart phones, here's a smart dress that can display what you tweet. Microsoft's Printing dress is made of rice paper with laser cut buttons sewn into the bodice; what you type shows up on the skirt.
Both men and women play on line but there are real gender differences in virtual goods payment. Women are three times likely to use Facebook credits to buy virtual items or content. Women also outspend when it comes to multiplayer game virtual purchases. And they buy more stuff to decorate their avatars.
Everyone’s abuzz with the “nymwars,” mostly in response to Google Plus’ decision to enforce its “real names” policy. At first, Google Plus went on a deleting spree, killing off accounts that violated its policy.

There are no girls on Google+.

That was the hyped conclusion circulating last week when word got around that almost 75% of Google+ users were men. Mashable even referred to the platform as a “sausagefest.” The numbers have shifted a bit at latest count and even the 75% figure is a drop from the 88% that GOOD dissected in a July 7 piece.

I only have one question: Does it matter?

In an interview, Girlhack's Meg Campbell discusses being a girlygeek and how she is working to change the gap between girls and boys. It could start with an smartphone or ipad...
There are lots of opportunities for girls--in Science, Tech, engineering and Math. Jobs in STEM fields grew three times as fast in non-stem fields. Sen. Kay Hagan exhorted girls to move in that direction...

Women won't watch sports. But they sure will tweet about it. Twitter announced Sunday," New Tweets per second records! End of the #WWC final: 7196 Tweet per second."

The women of Italy are standing up to their Prime Minister and other indignities. The movement, Se Non Ora, Quando has been using facebook, blogs, twitter and youtube to rally the female population. The country of Prada and Fiat ranks 74 of 134 countries in the gender gap. So when exactly?