Developers are ditching gender stereotypes as more women create apps, websites and grow sphere of technological influence. And they're changing the world, one line of a code at time--creating apps for medicine-taking, street safety and more.

Sibling rivalries are commonplace, but 9 year-old Mackenzie Wilson decided to end her's through Kickstarter. With the help of her entrepreneurial mother Susan Wilson, she raised more than twice her goal in four days alone.

This colorful illustration of the strides women have made in tech, also highlights the many gaps and glass ceilings still present in the thriving, male-dominated industry.

Want to get girls excited about engineering?  Then just let them build bridges, launch rockets and watch tidal waves flood Lego structures.

Social Media Week, the annual trans-national conference is happening this week in cities across the world, from Lagos to Miami. Social media technologies and tools have the potential to catalyze real change--and women have been putting them to good use. Just remember the power of Binders full of Women. So what's next for women and social media?

A new infographic from looks at the various psychological impairments that afflict many internet trolls, among them deindividuation ("when we reduce our sense of our own identity, we are less likely to stick to social norms"), dissociative imagination ("it's just a game/I don't know you"), and narcissism ("I speak for you"). If you've ever read any online comment threads, these will sound familiar!

A new infographic from New Relic looks at women heroes from the realm of nerdery: science and technology. The graphic treats computer programmers and developers like Angel Byron (Open Source and Drupal evangelist) and Mary Lou Jepsen (One Laptop Per Child founder and CTO) with a level of reverence usually reserved for superheroes. Spread the love for nerdy women!

Yes sex sells, but only if the type of sex you are using to promote your product attracts your target buyer. Otherwise it's just a turn off. So why-oh-why would you think young women in limited clothing draping themselves around your booth is going to position your products well for your primary buyer? Or make it comfortable for the many female journalists to cover your products?

In a series of studies, female bloggers showed that they enjoyed blogging because it made them feel empowered and part of a community, says Carmen Stavrositu, who recently completed doctoral work in mass communications at Penn State. The studies also indicated that the sheer number of visits to their blog and comments predicted their continued interest in blogging.