Egypt: Exploring Twitter’s Potential on the Ground

by Lillian Wagdy

If there is one area in which the Egyptian Revolution was an “eye-opener” in terms of social media, it would be how it introduced thousands of Egyptians to the popular micro-blogging website Twitter.

#NotYourAsianSidekick is no "flash in the pan." In December, writer and organizer Suey Park was fed up. She started a conversation via Twitter, but it didn't stop there. With the help of 18 Million Rising, Park and other activists held a forum on how to go from conversation to action.

Shareholders put pressure on Apple to get more women and minorities on board. And CEO Tim Cook says they are working on it, but when will these U.S. companies learn diversity is good for the bottom line?

Twitter hashtags are a great way to start important conversations, but there's always room for the stupid. #MeninistTwitter creeped up on Monday night and it reveals just how little some folks know about feminism. Don't get offended. We shook our heads, but we are proud of the young women and men added some intelligence to the conversation.

Twitter naming Marjorie Scardino as the first female board member shouldn't be big news in 2013. But then again it is because of the well-earned social media beat down Twitter CEO Dick Costolo endured. Now, let's hope the boys at Twitter will take women being on the board seriously.

Apparently fixing gender disparity in STEM fields starts with understanding the brain of the female homo sapien. What do you get when you put a Fox News Host, a Fox News contributor and a Tea Party News Network representative in a cable studio? Guess.

When it came to marriage equality, San Francisco led the nation. Now it’s racing ahead on gender equality. The city government just introduced The Gender Equality Challenge. It may sound like a sports event or reality TV show, but really it’s a new way to improve the way businesses are run. Who wouldn’t want to win that?

When will people learn? Rape jokes and pictures from an African-themed party posted on Twitter, Instagram, etc., will get you an automatic trip to face an online firing squad. The editor who called a scientist an "urban whore" has resigned, but he's not the first offender and won't be the last.

It's not a bad hair day, but a hate crime day. In Sweden, after a pregnant woman was attacked in Stockholm, lots of Swedes have put on hijabs in solidarity. What's more politicians have joined in as did a high-profile TV journalist.

The big news on the Internet is that Hillary Clinton has finally joined twitter. She made her appearance with her characteristic humor, describing herself as a mom and wife first, followed by FLOTUS.
Earlier this week, a photo from of Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, accompanied by a scathing comeback she made to a reporter who asked her who her favorite designer was, went viral on Facebook. Peeople who shared the photo also shared their approval of Clinton’s calling the reporter out for a potentially sexist comment. While the photo attracted a lot of media attention, to some, the Clinton picture is just another iteration of a widespread phenomenon: it’s a perfect example of #everydaysexism.