This fall, an estimated 12 million women will enroll in college. The number of women students surpassed men in 1980, and the gap has been widening ever since. Since 2011, more working women have held college degrees than working men. Of the 80 highest ranked schools in the country, here is a roundup of some of the best colleges for women.

Rape culture alert. Student body leaders at Canadian university step down after allowing orientation week activity that had been going on for years. Latest incident reveals the road to stopping sexual violence is long.
"[T]he Obama administration announced late Friday that most colleges’ student health plans will have to include contraceptive coverage at no cost," Inside Higher Ed's Libby A. Nelson reports. "The rules will apply to religious and secular colleges alike, although religious institutions have an additional year to comply with the new regulations. The administration’s final rule on student health plans, which will be published this week in the Federal Register, left one loophole: colleges that offer self-insured student health plans, rather than purchasing plans from an insurer to offer to students, will not be required to cover contraception."
"The founders of Google, Genentech, Netscape, and Yahoo! have two things in common: All of them are university inventors whose companies grew out of the technologies they developed on campus. And all of them are male," writes Scott Shane at Businessweek. Studies show that women are far less likely than men to start companies to sell their inventions, but why? Shane cites several researchers' ideas, but notes that there's another factor at play: "The attitudes of technology licensing officers on university campuses."