Spouses generally like to be consulted on major household purchasing decisions such as furniture or pets. But why not extend the same courtesy to firearms? The Canadians do. Anyone wanting a gun license has to get an OK from home

It would be truly wonderful to live in the world inhabited solely by proponents of porn. In this apparently post-capitalist world, where sexual freedoms abound, there is no need to worry about violence against women. In this world, pornography is simply the representation of a rainbow of sexual desires

A new study has found that positive female rolemodels are key to countering a "sexually violent media." Written by Christopher J. Ferguson and published in the Journal of Communication, the study, Positive Female Role-Models Eliminate Negative Effects of Sexually Violent Media, "randomly assigning young adults to watch either neutral media or sexually violent media with either subordinate or strong female characters."
A British Medical Journal editorial calls for a moral and political movement to end violence and oppression against women and girls. It says about one billion women worldwide have been beaten, coerced into having sex or otherwise abused. The BMJ editorial describes oppression against women and girls as a great injustice that is insidious, systematic and widespread. “We’ve been documenting the problem of violence against women and other abuse and neglect of women in the context of childbirth, etc....There’s been progress in that regard and yet it’s still a global pandemic – the oppression of women and girls,” said coauthor Janice Du Mont.