women in advertising

A recent advertisement for the annual Clio Awards seems to suggest that only male, creative advertisement executives need attend this year's ceremony. The recommended dress code? A mustache.

Conferences miss out on women speakers. Tech start-ups need female developers. Advertising juries are often all guys. There are real diversity problems, but there’s one new way to address them: the Find a Token Woman widget from the group She Says, which promotes women in digital marketing and advertising around the world.

Advertising pros Janet Kestin & Nancy Vonk are the revolutionaries behind the Dove Campaign for Real Beauty. The 75 second video Dove "Evolution" of a sped-up photo shoot of a model being made-up and retouched. It's been viewed on YouTube over 15 million times. “We never thought it would change the industry,” says Vonk. Kestin adds, “It was part of a landmark campaign that will not lose its station anytime soon.”