Part Two of "The Best Banks for Women" shows how these financial institutions treat women employees with various benefits, leaves, and other workplace policies. Check to see how your bank does.

Twenty years after genocide, sexual violence, and war plagued Rwanda, the country has started to rebuild and get back on its feet. The African nation has done something amazing that no other country has.

VITAMIN W has completed a study on the banking sector which is presented in three parts.

Don't think scooping up the contents of the tip jar is such a prize. Women make up the majority of tipped workers in America, but because their wages have been stagnating at $2.13 an hour since the 1980s, these women struggle to make ends meet.

A study asked women what brands they love. Surprisingly several tech companies made it to the top - as did coffee. The findings also suggest that women expect a lot more from brands these days--many expect ethical practices, fair employee practices and even board diversity.
Boston University has opened a residential hall for women in STEM. It's an outgrowth of another STEM program a nd is getting results. The school has seen a significant rise in the number of women in the fields
It takes months of preparing, testing, applications to get into college. Now acceptances have gone out, how can you choose which college is the best for you? It turns out women might want to ask some different questions.