Princesses and fairy tale heroines don’t have careers, or even a trade--financially they’re zeroes. You don't want to follow their examples in a search of "happily-ever-after", but you might want to pick up a few lessons from their mistakes.

The year in media had some real highs---women winning a record number of Emmys, power news duo Gwen Ifill and Judy Woodruff on PBS Newshour. And some real lows, many from pundits, politicians and Fox news. The Representation project has made a powerful recap of the good and bad of the year. It's a must see.

Diversity helps the bottom line in business. We've heard it again and again. Despite that fact, the needle has not been moving that much for women and minorities. Now a bit of study might help. A businessman has just endowed an unprecedented professorship in leadership studies devoted to diversity.

The week of Thanksgiving now ends with more gratitude. Giving Tuesday, in its second year, urges all of us to leave the shopping behind and help others. Give to any cause or donate some time. We have a few ideas to help

It's every marketers dream--to go viral. This year, two women-led start up companies did precisely that with their videos (aka internet commercials) which racked up nearly 16 million views combined. They're doing something right-- what precisely?

Writer E.B. Bartels is almost the Dr. of self-portraits. Back in 2003, she started photographing herself with a camera and now engages in the common practice of selfies. The practice has become a diary, a dialogue and a way to say, I exist.

Performance artist Nate Hill drapes white women around his neck. He's making a statement about how white women are seen as status symbols. Being a fetish is not reserved for non-white and non-European women.

Emily's passed an important milestone--reaching three million members. The group grew six fold over the last two years--which happens to match up coincidentally with the war on women.