Not many dating sites have been designed by women oddly. But there's a companion app that could be of service to women who are dating. Lulu, designed by Alexandra Chong sets up a rating system for guys.

Try to love your body today--or why not every day? October 16th marks the Love Your Body Day. Celebrate it however you want with a selfie or other sharing. But you can check out some real progress in the accompanying survey.

Bechdel, Buchanan and Finkbeiner tests are primers on how to improve representation and help content creators be more inclusive. Movies don't have many women or African American characters. Commercials often show women kneeling at the washing machine. Profiles or obits of women often include lots of personal detail that doesn't really need to be said.

This dark, satirical video was created by an Indian comedy collective in response to the victim-blaming culture of India. It presents the various remedies Indian officials came up with for rape in India, such as cell phone bans and Chowmein.
Secretary of State Hillary Clinton closed the Clinton Global Initiative panel pledging to lead an effort to evaluate the progress of women and girls worldwide. Despite progress, women are a “long way from the goal of full and equal participation.”

Women can be just as corrupt as the next bribe-taker, says new research. But that's only if corruption is considered okay. However, in countries where dirty-dealing is frowned upon, women tend to obey the rules.

No laughs here, but comedian's dramatic role is powerful. Director Liza Johnson managed to portray what she calls “the beautiful inner life” of characters. Wiig plays a shy housekeeper. It’s a slow, heavy and incredibly intense drama.

There are some crazy ideas about food and eating habits. In the interest of eating healthy some people feed themselves low-fat fabricated diet foods, or they try to eat like our paleolithic ancestors. But as this video makes clear: plants are "low fat as f*!k."

Many opposition leaders have praised women for their role in the uprising against the Assad regime. But women remain marginalized in opposition politics, portending an uncertain future for female participation in the post-conflict Syrian political sphere.