Led by goal-scoring powerhouse Mia Hamm, the women's U.S. soccer team of 1999 was the first group of female athletes to fill major stadiums. They inspired a generation of young women and an ESPN film. And now they are giving advice and making the link between the strength sports builds and leadership.
Corporate crime is a macho world. Despite women's gains in business, they've stayed away from fraudulent activities or usually play minor roles. A researcher studying the issue suggests that women are socialized to take fewer risks and female executives might have more concerns for equity and justice.

In her new book, "The Devil of Williamsburg," writer-editor Allison Yarrow offers an investigative journalism account of prominent counselor Nechemya Weberman's sexual abuse of a little girl. Set in an ultra-Orthodox Jewish community in a Brooklyn the narrative focuses on the young (and now married) survivor and Weberman’s wife, who still professes her husband’s innocence.

The American people are ready for a woman presidential candidate--according to recent polling. As part of its Madam President Campaign, Emily's List held a town hall in Iowa last week and will hold more events throughout August.
Even if you don’t know exactly what it is, the term has probably tickled your ear. The dance move, based on gyrating, trusting, “booty bouncing” motions, has made headlines across media outlets. It entered the vernacular last year, particularly with the release of Los Angeles based DJ, rapper and producer Diplo’s video, “Express Yourself."
A Japanese company got a lot of attention for announcing its plan to sell advertising space on young women's thighs. It may sound pretty crazy, but the upper thigh--or portion of it exposed between stockings and skirt is a very special part of the body.
Is it Wine O'clock for you? Women are drinking more than ever. We don't know exactly how much or how it's affecting them. However we do know that women are getting busted for drinking and driving and that AA doesn't necessarily work for women.
Jane Austen was big news and big money last week. The novelist will soon grace the 10 pound banknote. That change is due to the efforts of campaigner Caroline Credo-Perez who lead the charge--and won.

So many marketing messages miss the mark. Here's a new approach in trying to sell women trucks: this spot stars a woman, her horse and her truck. And it features the character in the sport of barrel racing.