It would be truly wonderful to live in the world inhabited solely by proponents of porn. In this apparently post-capitalist world, where sexual freedoms abound, there is no need to worry about violence against women. In this world, pornography is simply the representation of a rainbow of sexual desires

Tis the season to give the women in your life socially responsible, unique, hip gifts. Rather than stuffing stockings with sweaters from sweatshops or mass-produced, mundane tchotchkes, check out our guide to making the season a little brighter – for women all over the world!
Tomorrow's election is going to be a nail biter. The polls indicate the presidential candidates are neck in neck. All agree the woman's vote might make the difference for the eventual winner. Lisa Wade looks at some of the historical and recent data on women voters. Not surprisingly, reproductive rights are top of mind for women this year.

Though on average women still earn 81 cents for every dollar that men earn, research has recently shown that in certain places and careers, women can out-earn men. In this infographic, we divulge the cities, like Atlanta and Memphis, where young, women are earning CAN EARN more than their male counterparts, and the careers, like interviewers and occupational therapists, where women CAN bring home the bigger check. And, though it should come as no surprise, when it comes to lifetime earnings, education has CAN HAVE a lot to do with it.

by Abdoulaye Bah

Nowadays, it is a common occcurence to witness African-born women having successful careers in Europe. Despite the evident challenges, many of them have also distiguished themselves in politics. Still, it was not so long ago that such success would have seemed impossible. To achieve greatness, these women have often come a long way, both literally and figuratively.
In order to better appreciate the progress made, one needs to think back to the 19th century and consider the image of black women in Europe then. For the purpose of this article, we will only address the story of women from the African diaspora who have been elected to positions of leadership in countries other than the colonial powers that previously ruled their home countries.

Shit Girls Say is a popular Twitter account that chronicles, well, the shit that women often say. Is it a critique of female stereotypes? A sexist trope? A little bit of both? It's hard to say, but you might find yourself laughing, despite yourself.