women's rights

A very cold place has warmed up to women. Minnesota has passed landmark legislation that provides for women's economic security. It's a first for the nation—now will other states follow suit?

The United Nations has launched a campaign video with not a single woman featured. The strategy and message behind "He for She" men standing up for the rights of the women of the world who are their mothers, sisters, and daughters. If men are part of the problem, they can be part of the solution.

The lawyer and activist is not vying for a congressional bid just yet, but says she will be able to accomplish more in the California Legislature than in Congress. Her national profile has certainly been on the rise since 2012.

Women wearing long dresses and funny black hats in the early 1900s were no wimps. Anarchists such as Emma Goldman, aka Red Emma, criticized the U.S. government and got deported back to Russia. Historian Kathleen Hulser wants the world to know just how much "bad girls" influenced history. Take the tour.

Human Rights Watch released a report stating that certain “extremist armed opposition groups are imposing strict and discriminatory rules on women and girls that have no basis in Syrian law,” but their are some brave women not afraid to question "law."

A one-minute and powerful PSA from UN Women takes you inside the verbal, physical and sexual harassment many Egyptian women face just doing everyday things. The first-person perspective of what it's like for a woman doing something so mundane as riding in a taxi.

Although Hillary Clinton hasn’t committed to running in the 2016 presidential race, she's on the road doing what she does best. Her latest initiative is aimed at ensuring the success of women around the world. But first, she's starting at home.

Often performing in jeans and a shirt, with a cap perched sideways, Paradise is not afraid to break stereotypes. Rapping about women's rights and equality abroad and in her home country, she's determined to succeed.

Congresswoman passed away this weekend at the age of 97. This lady born to Louisiana privilege did more than Junior League type duties. She fought for the Civil Rights Acts and pushed for women's economic rights.
Some very brave Iranian women protested the hijab by undressing this weekend in Stockholm. Not in Iran. Their bare chests were inscribed with the messages, "No to Hijab", or "My nudity, my protest." However, some still covered their faces for protection.
The U.S. Senate voted overwhelmingly this week to reauthorize the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA), approving the measure by a 78 to 22 member vote. The bill was bipartisan, sort of, in that it garnered the vote of every female senator regardless of party lines. However, 22 Republican male senators voted against the bill because of its provisions dealing with domestic abuse on tribal lands and discrimination based on sexual orientation.