Voodoo Ranger Clone Recipe

Voodoo Ranger Clone Recipe. Extract, abv 6.82%, ibu 64.88, srm 9.06, fermentables: Hello mr_beer, have u recently tried the find recipe / cloud search option, depending on what u use, in beersmith?

hero_2017RedIPA Ipa, Brewing, Distillation

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Thanks in advance, i know i’m asking a lot. 1.1l starter 4oz dme added hefe yeast from last. U can use the reference from the brewer to finetune it.

hero_2017RedIPA Ipa, Brewing, Distillation

6.5 gallon (s) boil time: Anyways does anyone have an extract recipe for a good clone of the voodoo ranger juicy haze ipa, or an explanation on how to convert the linked all grain recipe to an extract version. Let’s just say voodoo ranger doesn’t take himself too seriously, and neither should you. If you’re looking for innovative ipas that are hop forward, bold, and occasionally hazy, the voodoo ranger fam has your back.

hero_2017RedIPA Ipa, Brewing, Distillation
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This is a clone recipe of one of my favorite ipas, new belgium’s ranger ipa. The beer that i brewed does not have nearly the aroma of the nb commercial beer. New belgium brewing co.’s ranger ipa clone. Making an all grain homebrew. A quick review of the brewery website reveals beers like ranger ipa and rampant ipa seem to have been retired in favor of this new voodoo series.